Wellesley College students reading and writing a student newspaper. They are seated in front of a sign which reads "The Office of the Wellesley Prelude." The Prelude covered news of college events. The sign that says "Ripple" is a reference to the Waban Ripples, a section of the Prelude geared to a more humorous side of college life. Date of photo circa 1889. Reproduced from Belle Sherwin Papers, Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute.

Names of students depicted in the photo: Kyle, T.; Tufts, E.; Barrows, Mary; Lauderburn, Mary Delia; Cook, Bessie Lesquereux; Bock, Sarah Melinda; Meader, Emily

This is a new 8" x 10" contemporary glossy photograph, sepia tone. This print is packaged in a clear cello envelope with backerboard. Basic information, including title and credit line, are printed along the bottom border. Please note that the photograph was taken over 100 years ago and that the clarity may not be up to contemporary standards.

Topics: Women; clothing and dress; Group portraits; Desks; Writing; Reading; college students; reporters and reporting; signs and signboards