"PORTRAIT OF HELEN KELLER," photograph by Emily Stokes, circa 1902. 

Inscription [Note: the inscription does not appear on the print]: Verso: This picture was taken (1902-?) while Miss Helen Keller was a student at Radcliffe College from which she graduated in 1904. The Boston terrier, Sir Thomas, formerly "Tom," was bought for Miss Keller by some of her classmates from the kennels of Dr. J. Latimer Mott. Tom has been sold by my father, Edgar Woodruff, to Dr Mott a few months previous to his purchase for Miss Keller. For a Boston terrier Tom was somewhat oversized and therefor not a show dog When brought forth from the Kennels, among several other dogs, to be shown to Miss Keller and her classmates, Tom alone went directly to where Miss Keller was seated in a chair on the lawn and put his head on her knee looking steadfastly into her face. It was love at first sight for both Tom and Miss Keller and he remained her pet and friend for several years until his untimely death in being hit by an automobile. E. Frederick Woodruff (Harvard 1916) [printed with photographer's name and address] 

This is a reproduction of part of the Helen Keller Papers. Reproduced from the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute. 

This is a new 8" x 10" photo. Basic information, including title and credit line, are printed along the bottom border.