PHOTO: "Children on the Sidewalks of the Lower East Side," Circa 1910



"Children on the Sidewalks of the Lower East Side," 1905-1915. Boys and girls playing in the middle of the street at night. A group of girls are holding hands to form a circle (center); other children stand on the narrow sidewalks in front of closed shops, most of them looking at the camera. Signs include those advertising: rooms for rent; steam cleaning, dyeing, and cloth sponging; Kosher goods (Max Rosenhek's store); Miller's Cafe; and printing services. Many of the signs are in English and Hebrew.  Reproduced from Jessie Tarbox Beals Photographs. Folder: Professional Life: New York City, Lower East Side: women, children, exteriors, ca. 1905-15. Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

Inscription: Verso: You don't have to go to bed early like rich kids but can play games at night in the street to the music of a hand organ - [in pencil:] girls in Clinton St near 2nd Ave [stamped twice with photographer's name and address, with one address crossed out] NB: This inscription does not appear on the photograph being offered in this listing.

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Topics: City children; Group portraits; clothing and dress; Children's clothing; Hairstyles; City blocks; Streets; Storefronts; Stores; Exterior views; signs and signboards; outdoor recreation; play (recreation); Games; refuse and refuse disposal; Poverty 

Photograph: 8" x 12".