PANORAMA PHOTO: "First Bruins Game at the Boston Garden," November 20, 1928

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"First Bruins Game at the Boston Garden," November 20, 1928. The start of a hockey game between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. This was the first hockey game ever played at the Garden, and only the second event (there had been a boxing match three days earlier). Prior to this game, the Bruins had played at the Boston Arena (now the Matthews Arena). The 1928/1929 season ended up being the first year the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals. For 67 years the Boston Garden served the region as a sports arena, music hall, revival tent, nightclub, convention hall and de facto community center. Collection of The Sports Museum, photographer unknown. 

This is a new 5" x 16" (approximate size) panoramic print. Basic information, including title and credit line, will be printed along the bottom border (not shown in thumbnail). The print will be rolled in a tube or mailed flat.