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"Anna Howard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, and Others Riding in Yosemite," Group portrait of men and women on horses. Photograph by George Fiske, June 4, 1895. Reproduced from Portrait photograph collection, Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute.

Inscription: Recto: [in blue ink:] 1. Miss Brewer of S. F. riding "Mary Murphy." 2. Miss Crane of Wisconsin, riding "Jesse James." 3. Frank Munn, Guide. 4. Miss Shaw of Phila, riding Ephraim. 5. Dr. H. A. Baker of San Diego riding "Ephraim." 6. Miss Anthony of Rochester, N.Y., riding "Moses." 7. Mrs. Hester Harland of Los Angeles riding "John." 8. Dr. Sargent of S. F. riding "Tom." 9. Mrs. Fisher of Chicago, riding "Hunter." 10. Frank Goodenow, Driver of Wagon.; Verso: Taken June 4, 1895 after 6 P.M. near foot of Glacier Point Trail [in black ink:] in front of the Yosemite falls- a portion of which is seen in the background. NB: This inscription does not appear on the photograph being offered in this listing.

You are purchasing a new 8" x 12" contemporary glossy photograph, sepia tone (tending toward orange). This print is packaged in a clear cello envelope with acid-free backerboard. Basic information, including title and credit line, are printed along the bottom border. Please note that the photograph was taken over 100 years ago and that the clarity may not be up to contemporary standards.

Topics: Group portraits; Horses; Donkeys; Equestrians; Suffrage